Anticorn Anatomy

Created: 25 December 2019, 16:44:00 UTC
Last updated: 25 December 2019, 16:44:00 UTC


Anticorns are kitten-sized candy creatures that appear to be vaguely mammalian.


Anticorn fluff is, quite literally, candy floss - the entire anticorn is made of sugar. The fluff is soft and downy, and underneath it is a dense mesh of compacted candy floss. All ants are vaguely sticky to the touch, although touching them guarantees a painful bite, so this is not recommended.


Anticorn feet have the appearance of hooves, but they're actually 2-toed paws. They have toebeans underneath, which are not unlike jelly beans.



The shoulder wings do not serve any purpose - they can move slightly, but cannot be used for powered flight. Instead, ants can display wings made of magical energy to appear at various points on their body, which...magically...boosts aerial movement and allows them to travel in the air for short periods of time. The wing colour correlates with halo and eye colours, and resembles the halo in shape (e.g. a ant with a fiery halo will have fiery wings).


Ant haloes appear when they are communicating telepathically with other ants. The haloes take the shape of their hive's symbol - for example, a hive with a heart-shaped symbol will house ants with heart-shaped haloes. The exact shape of the halo may vary between individual ants and may take stylised shapes. The ants' pupils also take on the symbol's shape.

The halo's colour may be gradiented, but must contain the eye colour as one of the colours. Magic wings must also match the halo in colour and design, with an example as follows: