Anticorns. Very small, very destructive, very painful bite.

A pest species, they are kitten-sized creatures that dig holes in floors and walls in human settlements to build nests. They love sugar and have evolved a cute appearance in order to increase their odds of successfully stealing candy. It is speculated that they resembles insects more than mammals, but as they also appear to be made of felted candy floss, there is probably not very much point in arguing either way.

Each hive is built around a queen, a small-dog-sized ant whose primary job is to consume the candy brought to her, which causes her to grow more candy fluff, which she uses to magically felt more ants. Or more accurately - she shapes the fluff into an egg, which contains magic that stabs at the interior, slowly compressing it into the shape of a new ant. For this reason, handling ant eggs is not recommended, unless you enjoy the sensation of being pricked by hundreds of invisible needles.

The entire hive communicates with each other telepathically, during which haloes manifest around their horns - the shape of this halo and their pupils can be used to identify which hive the ant belongs to. An ant out of communication range of its hive for long enough will lose its symbol, at which point it will hoard sugar, dig a new nest and become its queen.

Their horns, teeth and sometimes tail tips are the hardest parts of their bodies. Ants poke and bite their way through various materials in their bid for more sugar. They cannot be contained and their bite is notoriously painful, as many a child who has tried to set up an ant farm has discovered.

In conclusion: please do not feed the ants. They are feral creatures.

Anticorn Anatomy

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