Created: 10 August 2023, 13:30:13 UTC
Last updated: 10 August 2023, 14:01:43 UTC

What is Lorekeeper?

Lorekeeper is a framework for managing deviantART-based ARPGs/closed species masterlists coded using the Laravel framework. In simple terms - you will be able to make a copy of the site, do some minor setup/enter data about your species and game, and it'll provide you with the automation to keep track of your species, players and ARPG submissions.

Please note that Lorekeeper is a website that you have to set up yourself.

This website is only a demo; registering for an account here does not give you your own copy of LK to use. Any existing LK-based websites operate separately from lorekeeper.me and are managed by their respective owners.


For more information on how to set up Lorekeeper, please refer to the links below: